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President's Message

Since its foundation in 1972, as a specialist in the production of explosion-proof equipment, Shimada Electric Co., Ltd. has endeavored to provide customers with a wide range of increasingly safe and highly functional explosion-proof manufactured products. We are fortunate to have received support from loyal customers who favor both our domestic and international plants with their business.

As we enter the 21 st century and mark 30 years in business, the explosion-proof equipment industry in Japan is actively working toward achieving IEC compliance, advanced technology, increasing globalization, and meeting customers' needs for diversified and sophisticated technology. To respond to these requirements, we continue with R&D activities, further refinement of our technical capabilities, and efforts in pursuit of next-generation explosion-proof technology.

We aim to develop increasingly safe manufactured products that provide value to our customers. In the current harsh conditions both in Japan and around the world, we continue activities in product development and improvement to manufacture products on which our customers can depend. In all our efforts we are committed to providing our customers with complete satisfaction.

We would highly appreciate your continued support.

Masami Shimada
Shimada Electric Co., Ltd.