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Agency Agreement with Explosion-proof Control Equipment Manufacturer Bartec GmbH of Germany


In 2003, Shimada Electric Co., Ltd. (President, Masami Shimada) and Bartec GmbH of Germany entered into an agency agreement concerning limited switches, control boxes, units, and terminal boxes and panels for market in Japan.

Limited switches are manufactured on an OEM basis and supplied to equipment manufacturers and other customers. Control boxes, terminal boxes and units are intended to be marketed through panel producers and engineering companies for sale overseas.

Since last year, due to circumstances in countries where construction plants are located and decision by owners, various kinds of technical standards, including IEC, EU and those in the US are in demand. Further, shipment of manufactured products must be done according to the certification and special circumstances of each relevant country.

Bartec has been a supplier to major oil corporations as well as other customers in oil, gas, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals industries around the world. Similarly, Shimada Electric has supplied plants and equipment manufacturers with products for many years.

Together, the two companies, which have grown in a common field, will endeavor to maximize their respective potentials and respond to additional markets. Shimada Electric, having developed its explosion-proof technology, and Bartec, as a leading explosion-proof company in Europe, will aim to join together their technical expertise and take advantage of their extensive network to respond to the needs of the global marketplace.

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