Corporate profile

Corporate history

August 1970Foundation of Shimada Denki Seisakusho under private management of former president Hirokazu Shimada.
February 1972Change of company name to Shimada Electric Co., Ltd. capitalized at 3,000,000 yen.
November 1972Completion of new office building (at 8-chome, Chuo, Ota-ku, Tokyo)
November 1975Increase of capital to 25,000,000 yen.
October 1976Completion of the current headquarters building (at 2-29-6 Nakaikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo).
February 1977Installation of various test devices at headquarters (Explosion Test Device, Temperature Survey Device, Hydraulic Pressure Test Device, Falling Weight Impact Test, etc.).
January 1978Establishment of Technology Development Office at the head office.
February 1978Opening of Osaka Sales Office.
May 1979Completion of Sano Plant #1.
April 1980Installation of test device for Intrinsically Safe Flameproof Electric Equipment at headquarters, and new development of an Electromagnetic Switch, Relay, and Protective Device.
December 1980Accreditation by Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Corporation as an investment grade corporation. Increase of capital to 60,000,000 yen.
May 1983Development of a Push Switch, Tumbler Switch, and SWCG Series (EIWF, A2F).
June 1985Completion of new plant in Sano.
October 1985Development of industry's first Hand-lamp (10W) and Control Devices (STW-2K, 3K).
May 1986Development of a Control Box for exclusive use at Zone 2.
April 1987Development of Burner Igniter, Fire Detector, Rotating Light, Tank Light and Flameproof Packing Type Cable Gland (SXC/Registered as a utility model, SXM).
June 1988Full refurbishment of the explosion-proof test devices at headquarters to achieve compliance with IEC Standards.
December 1989Establishment of an additional Electropaint Workshop at Sano Plant, thereby completing an integrated production system from processing, plating, to fabrication.
November 1990Development of a Hand-lamp (28W).
February 1991Development of an Oxygen Analyzer.
July 1992Introduction of a Power Dust Test Device, Large-sized Constant Temperature/Moisture Test Device, and IEC Standards-compliant Water Sprinkling Test Device at the headquarters.
Development of LED Indication.
October 1992Accreditation as a good corporate taxpayer.
December 1993Development of a Flameproof Packing Type Cable Gland for Corrugated Cable (SXK/applied for utility model).
June 1994Commencement of the IEC Flameproof Study Group
August 1994Entry into an agency agreement with Gunkul Engineering Co., Ltd. of Thailand.
May 1995Entry into an agency agreement with Nurasakti Corp. Sdn. Bhd. of Malaysia.
December 1995Obtained product certificate from NEMKO based on the CENELEC Standards.
May 1996Certification by and registration with JQA (Japan Quality Assurance Organization) as an ISO-9001 (JQA-1323) compliant corporation.
July 1996Certification by and registration with BSI (British Standards Institution) based on mutual authentication.
August 1996Entry into an agency agreement with Hi-Brite Co., Ltd. of Taiwan.
January 1997Entry into an agency agreement with Exa Information Systems Co., Ltd. of South Korea.
April 1997Entry into an agency agreement with Imelco Supplies Pte Ltd of Singapore.
January 1998Certification by and registration with UL (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.) based on mutual authentication.
May 1999Establishment of Logistics Center at Sano Plant, thereby integrating the delivery and shipping operations.
July 1999Entry into an agency agreement with Electrolines Est. of Saudi Arabia.
September 1999Introduction of an IEC Standards-compliant Water Injection Test Device.
July 2000Development of a Special Increased Safety Flameproof Fluorescent Light for airline companies.
May 2001Entry into a distributor agreement with Legrand of France.
October 2001Development of an Increased Safety booth illumination for an automobile manufacturer's paint application line.
February 2002Commemoration of 30th anniversary of founding of the company.
February 2003Entry into an agency agreement with Idec Izumi Corporation.
August 2003Entry into an agency agreement with Baltec Co., Ltd. of Germany.
December 2003Acquisition of the Russian National Standard GOST-R certification.
December 2007Obtained Ex certificate from KOSHA (Korean Occupational Safety and Health Agent.)Korea
January 2008Obtained Ex certificate from NEPSI (National Supervision and Inspection And Inspection Center for Explosion Protection of Instrumentation)
March 2008Obtained Ex certificate from LCIE (Laboratoire Central des Industries Electriques)
April 2008Obtained Ex certificated from TIIS for BARTEC Mobile Computer and started promoting in Japan
September 2009Obtained Company rating ( a ) from Japan Credit Rating Agency Ltd
November 2009Started promoting LED explosionproof lighting fixture certified by TIIS
September 2010Obtained ATEX Certificates for adaptors and reducers
October 2010Established "Shimada Electric Thailand Co Ltd" in Bangkok, Thailand